Saturday, April 23, 2011

West Mountain (Timp-Torne / A.T. and Beechy Bottom Road) Loop from Anthony Wayne to The Village

Yesterday we had a dynamic day of hiking on the West Mountain Loop, which we grabbed, from the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. An excellent description of the trail can be found at the following address: Although the whether was a bit on the gloomy side, hiking with family in the great outdoors plus a hint of Spring all around us soon dispelled that gloom. What a paramount day! There were plenty of rocks to scramble up and numerous striking panoramic views. At the end of the day we were tired but pumped. The awe of it all left me wondering how some can says there is no God?

We even got the chance to try out my MSR Fast & Light Pocket Rocket canister-fuel stove which we lit with my SL3 - Fire - with Magnesium Fire Starter / Whistle. Wow, they performed really well.  We used it to heat up water in my GSI Outdoors Halulite Ketalist Cook set tea kettle to make hot cocoa and coffee, which I might add really hit the spot! How’s that for an advertisement? Too bad I have no sponsors. By the way it took only about 2 minutes to boil 1-liter water.

Now as for today… well today I spent another day with other family members. This time hiking in NYC (how’s that for extremes?) It was wet and rainy and we were cold and soggy. We went to the Village (the west end of lower Manhattan) by way of the east end of upper Manhattan. I think I’ll leave that one alone. In years to come it will be remembered and laughed about for sure. Today we will just say it is an inside joke. So, anyway, we went to see about possible summer acting classes for my oldest daughter. Although nothing went as planned (since there really wasn’t a plan) and we didn’t come away with classes, I hope we do find something for her. More importantly I think she knows we really took her seriously and want to help her in this. Dear Lord, your will be done and please provide the means.


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