Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung...

Magnified natural snow crystal

I woke up at my usual 4 AM this morning and was out to my Jeep by about 4:30 only to find a coating of snow… my first thought… RATS what happened to Spring! Then I was reminded of the conversation I had with my wife last night… Dorcas had shown me photos she had come across on the internet. They were of natural snow crystals. We were commenting on how beautiful and intricate their symmetrical designs were; as if a master artist hand-crafted each one with great care and precision. Each one with its own special pattern, each one so different from the next, each one just as striking. Exquisite!

Magnified man-made snow crystal

And then we looked at a photo of a man-made snow crystal… well, you tell me...

Of course there's always Designer Snow Flakes made in a lab under controlled conditions...

Check out:

Another reason for me to emrace the theory of Intelligent design.



  1. That Master Artist is GOD!!!! Thank You Lord for those tiny treasures called Snowflakes. <3