Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good-bye Kawasaki of Yonkers

So, here's the scoop…

Come the close of day on Friday, May 13, 2011 (somewhere around 4 PM) I will no longer be working at Kawasaki Rail Car (KRC) in Yonkers. KRC has been my place of employ since August of 2010; and I might add my port in the storm. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I met a lot of good folks there. I truly did. KRC has also proved to be a great opportunity to expand my proverbial envelop. I learned a few things for sure.

That being said, I will particularly remember the Hiker Extraordinaire (AKA phattire) who incidentally started me blogging and reminded me of my love for the hike. And then there’s the Barefoot Running Scientist (AKA Rocket Scientist making sense) Who’s challenged me to think a bit more deeply about things in general. These two, for whatever reason (and it’s beyond me as to why), have had a profound effect on my life. That’s the plain facts folks. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they bought me a great steak (although that has really nothing to do with it.) They will be in my thoughts and my prayers (whether they like it or not… LOL!) I will make every effort to keep in touch with these guys. I have a strange feeling that our paths will cross more than once. Who knows what’s in store. I’m a firm believer in providence.

Things change and life goes on. What changed you might ask. The short of it... Dorcas and I had just been talking about my need of finding something closer to home (job wise that is.) I’d actually been praying about it on my travels into the job. Well, not long after that (a week or so) I got a text from an old colleague and friend who wanted to know how the commute was going. So, I gave him a call and he asked how much I needed to make if I worked closer to home. Next thing I know I have an interview. Then the brothers and the sisters started to pray and God answered.

I now have a job at least half an hour closer to home (more when you take into account the traffic I've been facing going home from Yonkers.) I am blessed. No more $200 plus (gas... tolls... repairs) to get to and fro work every week and I’ll be home more often with the family. O, yes, I’ll get at least another hour of sleep too!

So, as I sip my Grandpa Chacha’s I’ll say good-bye to the folks at KRC… I’ll catch you on the flip side!

~ Mofongo

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