Saturday, February 19, 2011


OK, so it's Saturday morning, I'm off from work (I'm currently employed by Kawasaki Rail Car in Yonkers) and here I'm sitting in the service center at Toyota. Woopie! Normal people might be sleeping in given the opportunity... not me. Not today. Ha, like I'm normal... who is normal... what is normal... and who determines what normal is any how? I remember hearing or reading about this clan in deepest darkest who knows where... they all had 6 fingers on each hand and that was normal... go figure. Well now, that's a subject for a blog isn't it... maybe, maybe not. Not today though. Where was I going with this? Let's see... Saturday, Kawasaki, Toyota, sleeping in, normal... O yes... It sure was extremely windy last night. There was even some thundering and lightning going on. I hit the sack about 9:30 PM, since I normally get up at 4 AM I was tired (there's that word normal again.) I lay there listing to the howl and bluster accompanied by a bit of classical music playing on the radio. With the covers tucked around me I was warm and comfortable. I do not usually sleep very well, so the added sounds helped me drowned out the thoughts and concerns running through my head. As a rule I'd have glass of red wine before retiring for the night. I find it soothes and relaxes me. However, I've been on a self imposed diet lately. No meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine... OK, OK, you're thinking that's not normal. I did suggest I wasn't quite normal. Any way, I finally drifted off to sleep I don't know when and woke at about 3:30 AM or so. I lay there until I final fell into a semi-sleep. An hour and half later I finally got out of bed and by a quarter to 7 AM I was off to Toyota. So, here I sit... blogging  my first blog... I'll be here at Toyota for quite awhile... but, I won't belabor this entry any further. OK, Mike-san ( I gave it a try. Next time I'll have to find something more interesting to post... for now I'm signing off. 
~ Mofongo

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